Shining EP-C7250 Wax/ Sand Mold 3D Printer


EP-C7250 adopts laser sintering technology, and uses foundry sand and disappearable PSB powder as moulding materials. Combined with casting technology, EP-C7250 has large forming space and can rapidly cast the parts with complex structure, like engine cylinder block, cylinder head, turbine and impeller, etc.

This industrial 3D printer offers a build volume of 262 x 262 x 350 mm. Compatible metal powder materials include, but are not limited to: Titanium, Aluminum, Nickel, and Copper alloys, as well as Maraging Steel, Stainless Steel, and Cobalt Chrome.

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Heated print bed
Heated build chamber
Automatic calibration
Closed frame
Dual extruder
Independent Dual Extruder
Full color
LCD screen
On-board camera
Mobile app
3D scanners
CNC mill
Electronics 3D printing
Laser engraving
Conveyor belt
Air filter
Pellet extruder
SD card


Large forming space

EP-C7250 rapid prototyping system can make the part with the size of 700mm*700mm*500mm, therefore, regular size parts can be made and subsequent aligning is not required.

Reliable performance

EP-C7250 optimizes the round roll powder laying system with high stability, the yield is greatly improved.

Multiple functions

EP-C7250 can not only 3D print various kinds of plastic samples, but make wax pattern and sand mould for casting. Perfectly combined with traditional foundry industry, EP-C7250 realizes the coremaking without using mould and greatly reduces the R&D and trial-producing time for casting parts in different industries.



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Build Volume

  • Metric: 700x700x500mm³
  • US: 27.5 x 27.5 x 19.6

SLS – Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) materials are supplied in powdered forms. During manufacturing process these powders are fused by a pulsed laser beam. This allows creation of durable parts with complicated geometries and can be used to obtain early prototypes, wind tunnel models or casting patterns. Resulting parts have porous surfaces, but this can be fixed with finishing if needed. SLS is rather expensive, as it is necessary to maintain strict temperatures throughout fabrication phases. SLS is used for prototyping and small batch production of functional plastic parts with good mechanical properties.


Build Volume (X*Y*Z)



CO2 laser, 55/100W (optional)

Scan System 

Digital high-speed

Max Scan Speed

Contour 2m/s, fill 5m/s

Layer Thickness


Material Deposition

Automatic feeding; Recoater

Max Build Speed of Z-axis



PS, resin sand, TPU, etc.

Power Supply 


Dimension (L*W*H)


Machine Weight 


Control Software 

Eplus3d Print Software

Input Data Format 

STL or other convertible file

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