EP-C7250 Wax/Sand SLS


Model: EP-C7250 Wax/Sand-SLS Manufacturers: ,

EEP-C7250 Wax/Sand SLS Features


  • Resin Sand based, cost-effective pattern casting material, which is compatible with most standard casting processes.It is suitable for prototype metal castings and can be produced  in low to medium output without the use of tools.
ep c7250 wax sand sls 3d printer-feature
ep c7250 wax sand sls 3d printer feature wide application

Wide Application

  • EP-C7250 SLS 3D printer offers huge build size and can rapidly cast the parts with complex structure, like engine cylinder block, cylinder head, turbine and impeller, etc.


High Cost-Effective and Fast Prototypes

  • EP-C7250 casting printer greatly reduces the R&D and tri al-producing time for casting parts with fast  sand andwax mold printed directly.

ep c7250 high cost effectice and fast prototype

What Can the EP-C7250 Wax/Sand SLS Print?

Blood Vessel

  • Machine: EP-C7250
  • Process: Polymer Powder Bed Fusion (PPBF)
  • Material:TPU
  • Size: Φ 380x100x45 mm³
  • Printing time: 3h
  • Application:Medical
what can ep c7250 print

EP-C7250 Wax/Sand SLS Specifications

Model EP-C7250
Material PSB, PP, PE, etc.
Build Volume 720x 720x 500 mm( LxWxH )
Layer Thickness 0.08-0.3mm
Machine Weight 2100kg
Material Feed Mode Automatic loading
Bi-directional powder feeding
Laser Power CO₂ laser, 120W
Scanning System Dynamic scanning focus
Scanning Speed 6 m/s
Control Software Eplus3D Printing Software
OS System Support Windows 7
Power Supply 380V, 23A, 11kW, 50/60Hz
Temperature Regulation Continuous real-time building surface temperature monitoring
Dimension 2000 x 1500 x 2650 mm( LxWxH )
Output Data Format STL or another convertible file

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