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BigRep has developed a metering extruder with exceptional speed and precision, which is one of the defining features of the PRO. The state-of-the-art extruder allows for ultimate control on large-scale industrial prints, allowing users to achieve the highest quality for every application.

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Heated print bed
Heated build chamber
Automatic calibration
Closed frame
Dual extruder
Independent Dual Extruder
Full color
LCD screen
On-board camera
Mobile app
3D scanners
CNC mill
Electronics 3D printing
Laser engraving
Conveyor belt
Air filter
Pellet extruder
SD card

The Build Platform #1
With a build envelope of one cubic meter, the machine is made for 3D printing of large-scale industrial objects, enabling countless application possibilities.

Enclosed Frame
An insulated enclosed metal frame ensures optimum even temperature control and the glass doors offer an optimal view on the print. Further improving safety is the PRO’s compatibility with standard ventilation systems, for fume and emissions control.

Insulated Filament Cabinet
The PRO provides an optimal environment for printing with industrial-grade materials, due to a humidity controlled spool chamber. Air circulation fans within ensure air flow for uniform temperature throughout the filament cabinet.

Also Included:

  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Machine Control Software Included
  • Hatch Software Included

Price Range: $450,000.00 – $700,000.00



  • Other plastics

Build Volume

  • Metric:  x 1020 y 970 z 980 (mm)
  • US: 40.1 x 38.1 x 38.5

Extrusion (FFF, FDM…):

  • FFF – Fused filament fabrication
  • FDM – is the most popular and available 3D printing process and is mainly used for lower-priced prototyping and design verification with very fast turn times. FDM or filament deposition manufacturing is the most common type of rapid prototyping technologies. Materials are supplied in the form of filaments which are melted into thin threads which are deposited layer by layer firmly fusing with each other. Infill percentage can be adjusted, so resulting parts can have variety of densities. It is not recommended to machine FDM produced parts. It has some geometrical restrictions as due to influence of gravity as supportive material needs to be added to bridges and hanging regions of parts produced this way.


Build Volume x 1020 y 970 z 980 (mm)
Compatible BigRep
BVOH (Water Soluble), 3rd Party Compatible
Technology Metering Extruder
Technology, separate
Filament melting and
Advanced Capabilities
Extruder, direct drive
Max. Extruder Throughput
with 1 mm Nozzle
320 g/h 130 g/h
Max Nozzle Temperature 300 °C 280 °C
Nozzle Diameters 1.0 mm 0.6 mm
1.0 mm
2.0 mm
Dual Extrusion MXT + ACE
Layer Height 0.3 – 0.6 (mm)
Material Storage Sealed Filament Chamber (up to 8 kg spools)
Print Bed Temperature Max. 99 °C
Printer Weight Approx. 1550 kg
Size x 1950 y 2403 z 1790 (mm)
(Without towerlight)
Power 3 X AC 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 6100 W
Safety Certifications CE, and EC Machinery Directive
2006/42/EC Compliant

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