Cost Efficient 3D Printing

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Additive Manufacturing Enables the Profitable Production of Individual Pieces in Small and Medium Batches.
Faster time to market
Reduced weight and assembly times
Simple product customizations and advantageous High mix-low volume productions
are the key drivers of cost-efficient production with 3D printing.
Discover how and where you can optimize your production with additive manufacturing, reduce your costs and build a sustainable foundation for the future.

Cost-Efficient Production With 3D Printing
Don’t Assemble Your Products, Print Them
Produce complex components in the shortest possible time

Industrial 3D printing enables individual pieces to be produced profitably in small and medium batches. Compared to conventional manufacturing processes such as milling, turning or casting, the production costs are not dependent on the complexity of the component. Where expensive tools or complex specialized solutions were previously necessary, potentially representing a risk factor for completion on schedule, a 3D printer and powder material are now the only prerequisites for trouble-free production.

Save material and weight with integrated functionality

With additive manufacturing, the external geometry is almost exclusively the determining cost factor, complexity plays a minor role in production times and costs. Material and weight can also be saved by designing lightweight structures. Intelligently integrated functionality, for example with springs or hinge joints, reduces the number of components and administrative costs in ERP systems as well as the assembly costs.

3D Printing in Practice
ArianeGroup: Propulsion System Components for the Ariane 6
The additively manufactured injector head as all-in-one Design (AiO) of a rocket engine with 122 injection elements is made from EOS NickelAlloy IN718.

The Key Figures
Manufacturing an injection head for the Ariane 6 engine with additive manufacturing: thanks to the EOS M 400-4, an assembly of over 200 individual parts were transformed into a single component.

Quicker: the production time was reduced from 3 months to 35 hours
Simplified: one single component instead of 248 individual parts
Cost-efficient: costs reduced by 50 %
The Ariane program combines our innovative strength with the expertise of EOS. Together, we are preparing to additively manufacture the injection head for a rocket engine. The results are impressive – a significantly reduced production time and a 50 % reduction in costs.

Steffen Beyer | ArianeGroup
Data Sheet EOS M 400-4

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Cost-Efficient Production With 3D Printing
Develop and Produce Faster With Additive Manufacturing
Quicker time-to-market

Component adaptations can already be implemented digitally and physically during the product development phase by adapting the 3D data. The time-to-market is sharply reduced as pre-production prototypes can easily be created and optimized. Comprehensive functional integration can be “designed” directly into the component, and complicated structures can be built without tools while reducing sub-components to a minimum. This also considerably reduces the number of development cycles and allows sustainable product innovations to be produced quickly and at a lower cost.

3D Printing in Practice
Wittmann Group: Additively Manufactured Gripper for Production
Additively manufactured gripper for Wittmann, ingenious design by kuhnstoff with integrated compressed air channels | © EOS

The Key Figures
After design simplification, stable grippers were successfully manufactured on a functional plate with FORMIGA P 100 in a small production series.

50 % lower production costs
3 days of production time instead of 12
Weight reduced by 86 % to 220 grams
2 components instead of 21, leading to lower assembly costs
Data Sheet FORMIGA P 110 Velocis

112,1 KB

High Mix-Low Volume Production
Individual, Short-Term, Cost-Efficient Without Sacrificing Quality
Implement customizations simply and efficiently

Industrial 3D printing systems by EOS help you to respond quickly to the demands of volatile markets and tackle trends such as the increasing customization of end products. The tool-free 3D printing process of additive manufacturing enables complex components to be produced swiftly, precisely and cost-effectively right down to a batch size of 1 in high mix-low volume production. To achieve a higher product mix with fixed production volumes, you need flexible production technology. With additively manufacturing technology, this is now conceivable and economically feasible.

Safety and Customization Thanks to 3D Printing
Ford – 3D Printed and Customized Wheel Lock

Ford uses EOS 3D printing to unite the need for security with the desire for customization. Together with the Additive Minds Consulting team, Ford succeeded in creating an innovative application for optimal protection against theft: customized, 3D printed wheel locks. The locks have a special shaft geometry that prevents unauthorized persons from removing the tires and/or rims.

Spare Parts On Demand
Revolutionize Your Spare Parts Management!
The 3D printing of spare parts is a profitable investment for many organizations. Storage and transport costs are significant cost drivers and can be avoided by producing spare parts “on-demand”. Manufacturing small batch sizes is extremely time-consuming with traditional production methods. Additive manufacturing is also a valuable alternative when highly-complex components, replacements for original parts that are no longer being made or components for special machines are needed.

Consulting of Daimler Buses for building spare parts on demand by 3D printing | © EOS
Success Story EvoBus GmbH
Revolutionized Spare Parts Logistics
This Is How the Daimler AG Bus Company Saved Time and Money
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Successful Implementation of Industrial 3D Printing
Formula 1 titanium brake pedal in optimized lightweight construction, DMLS, 3D printing, metal, laser | © EOS
Advantages With 3D Printing
Leveraging Potentials With Additive Manufacturing
Freedom in part design, production on demand, lightweight design, functional integration, customization: 3D printing opens up many possibilities.

Woman at microscope during quality check | © EOS
Part Quality
Every industrial manufacturer needs to keep an eye on quality. EOS has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998, among other standards.

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